Definition of "band" []

  • A thin strip of flexible material used to encircle and bind one object or to hold a number of objects together: a metal band around the bale of cotton. (noun)
  • A strip or stripe that contrasts with something else in color, texture, or material. (noun)
  • A narrow strip of fabric used to trim, finish, or reinforce articles of clothing. (noun)
  • Something that constrains or binds morally or legally: the bands of marriage and family. (noun)
  • A simple ungrooved ring, especially a wedding ring. (noun)
  • A company of people having a common purpose; group (noun)

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  • A group of musicians playing either brass and percussion instruments only (brass band) or brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments (concert band or military band) (noun)
  • A group of musicians who play popular music, jazz, etc, often for dancing (noun)
  • A group of instrumentalists generally; orchestra (noun)
  • A formally recognized group of Canadian Indians on a reserve (noun)
  • A division of a tribe; a family group or camp group (noun)
  • A flock or herd (noun)
  • To unite; assemble (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "band" in a sentence
  • "Usually when a band makes it big, some PR person will write a whole load of bollocks saying that the new album from * insert generic indie band* is the equivalent of the"
  • "I use the term band very loosely-the three boys never become friends, per se."
  • "Of course, it helps when the band is articulate and smart, as Rush is in spades and the commentary ranges from pressure from the record company to breakdowns of individual tracks that reveal interesting little flourishes."