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Definition of "bahs" [bahs]

  • Plural form of bah. (noun)
  • Eye dialect spelling of boss. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "bahs" in a sentence
  • "The Karl Rove theory that Republicans cannot survive without pandering to religious-right pooh-bahs is yet another piece of Bush dogma lying in ruins, done in by two synergistic forces."
  • "And the gentlemen, -- her _preux chevaliers_, -- they were burning with other passions than those which had driven them to her knees, encountering a little more serious response than "bahs" and shrugs."
  • "The poor, awkward little things did their very best to run away, and kept uttering their peculiar little "bahs" all the time, but their walk or shamble was very tiring, and required a great effort, and only too soon they sank down utterly exhausted, asking, in their poor, dumb way, that their lives might be spared."
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