Definition of "baboon" []

  • Any of several large terrestrial African and Asian monkeys of the family Cercopithecidae, especially of the genus Papio or Chaeropithecus and related genera, characterized by an elongated, doglike muzzle, a short tail, and bare calluses on the buttocks. (noun)
  • Slang A brutish person; a boor. (noun)
  • Any of several medium-sized omnivorous Old World monkeys of the genus Papio (or Chaeropithecus) and related genera, inhabiting open rocky ground or wooded regions of Africa. They have an elongated muzzle, large teeth, and a fairly long tail (noun)

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Use "baboon" in a sentence
  • "Is it racist if Rafiki the baboon is played by Patrick Ewing without any make-up in The Lion King?"
  • "He claims that he was called a "baboon" and a "criminal" in a unit where racist language was allegedly commonplace."
  • "In his defence, Herselman argued that the word baboon was common in conversational Afrikaans and had no malicious or bad intentions."