Definition of "auxiliary" []

  • Giving assistance or support; helping. (adjective)
  • Acting as a subsidiary; supplementary: the main library and its auxiliary branches. (adjective)
  • Held in or used as a reserve: auxiliary troops; an auxiliary power generator. (adjective)
  • Nautical Equipped with a motor as well as sails. (adjective)
  • Grammar Of, relating to, or being an auxiliary verb. (adjective)
  • Secondary or supplementary (adjective)

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  • Supporting (adjective)
  • (of a sailing vessel) having an engine (adjective)
  • A person or thing that supports or supplements; subordinate or assistant (noun)
  • A sailing vessel with an engine (noun)
  • The engine of such a vessel (noun)
  • A vessel such as a tug, hospital ship, etc, not used for combat (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "auxiliary" in a sentence
  • "Headquarters: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, with main auxiliary clubhouses in Dallas and Houston."
  • "Because certain auxiliary equipment is lacking, the model owned by the DPRK is considered by experts to be incapable of achieving the level of quality seen on supernotes."
  • "They declared their inclusion, besides men, and not just in auxiliary services but armed at the front line."