Definition of "assessor" [as•sess•or]

  • (noun) An official who evaluates property for taxation.
  • (noun) An assistant to a judge or magistrate, usually selected for special knowledge in a particular area.

Use "assessor" in a sentence

  • "While suburban townships such as Aurora, Naperville and Wheatland have a more relevant role for the township assessor, is it in the taxpayer's best interest to have township government in urban areas?"
  • "According to Steve Coole, Vice-President of the NUS at the University College of Creative Arts, ‘anonymous marking was considered in 2002 but due to the nature of the teaching and learning process the assessor is often familiar with a student's work before the final submission for assessment, therefore it was not thought possible to adopt a policy of anonymous marking.’"
  • "Johnson, who was elected Aug. 7 to succeed three-term assessor"

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