Definition of "archetype" []

  • An original model or type after which other similar things are patterned; a prototype: "'Frankenstein' . . . 'Dracula' . . . 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' . . . the archetypes that have influenced all subsequent horror stories” ( New York Times). (noun)
  • An ideal example of a type; quintessence: an archetype of the successful entrepreneur. (noun)
  • In Jungian psychology, an inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery derived from the past collective experience and present in the individual unconscious. (noun)

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Use "archetype" in a sentence
  • "Instead he views the type as what he calls the archetype of the kind, defined as something that models all the tokens of a kind with respect to projectible questions but not something that admits of answers to individuating questions."
  • "So, I agree – Palin undoubtedly appeals to the core values – she's simply the same version of that archetype from the south and midwest, except she has a somewhat different accent. gl, From Pittsburgh"
  • "We have always loved that archetype, and this archetype is replete throughout American fiction."