Definition of "ape" [ape]

  • (noun) Any of various large, tailless Old World primates of the family Pongidae, including the chimpanzee, gorilla, gibbon, and orangutan.
  • (noun) A monkey.
  • (noun) A mimic or imitator.
  • (noun) Informal A clumsy or boorish person.
  • (verb-transitive) To mimic slavishly but often with an absurd result. See Synonyms at imitate.

Use "ape" in a sentence

  • "May be they are veridical observations of some enormous rare ape mistaken for an ˜ape - man™ or may be just erroneous observations of sociopaths in Yak coats?"
  • "Chuen of the Maya calendar, which corresponds to the day Ozomatli, the ape, in the Aztec calendar, seems to indicate that the singular head of C is that of an _ape_, whose lateral nasal cavity (peculiar to the American ape or monkey) is occasionally represented plainly in the hieroglyph picture."
  • "The project was started by the philosophers Peter Singer and Paola Cavalieri, who argued that the ape is the closest genetic relative to humans — that it displays emotions such as love, fear, anxiety and jealousy — and should be protected by similar laws."

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