Definition of "anthology" [an•thol•o•gy]

  • (noun) A collection of literary pieces, such as poems, short stories, or plays.
  • (noun) A miscellany, assortment, or catalog, as of complaints, comments, or ideas: "The Irish love their constitution for what it is: an anthology of the clerical-nationalist ideas of 1936” ( Economist).

Use "anthology" in a sentence

  • "My contribution to the anthology is a Professor Challenger story called The Disintegration Machine (adapted by Rod Lott from the story by Arthur Conan Doyle)."
  • "Polyphony 4 makes it clear enough that a spirit of experimentation exists among those writers who have chosen to work within the uber-genre of science fiction/fantasy, much more so, if this anthology is at all representative, than among those who still aspire to the putative respectability of "literary fiction.""
  • "Maybe it's because the anthology is a nanotech werewolves in love anthology, so I have to come up with a nanotech werewolves in love story."

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