Definition of "animosity" []

  • Bitter hostility or open enmity; active hatred. (noun)
  • A hostile feeling or act. See Synonyms at enmity. (noun)
  • A powerful and active dislike or hostility; enmity (noun)

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Use "animosity" in a sentence
  • "This animosity is based on fear of a Bible believing Christian aspiring to political office."
  • "And in "The Twisted Sisterhood," Valen argues convincingly that such animosity is pervasive and has lasting consequences."
  • "I ended up bringing a lot of friends home with me on vacations because it was an opportunity to travel out of the Midwest and a lot of people I met had never been to Washington, D.C. Do you think some of this animosity comes from the fact that Wisconsinites are known as cheeseheads and most Jewish girls are at least a little-bit lactose intolerant?"