Definition of "animi" []

  • Same as anime. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

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  • "In Satellitium animi (The Soul's Escort, 1524), a collection of aphorisms dedicated to Princess Mary, he points out that “man knows as far as he can make” (IV, 63)."
  • "XI 12, 11, tutti, con avvolgente metafora, bisognosi dell'assiduità del buon coltivatore: «nec coluisse semel sufficit, sed semper insistere oportet qui singularem aliquem vel agri vel animi fructum cupit» Fam."
  • "The axiomatic form in Euclid is more complex, relying not just on first principles (communis animi conceptio), the only type of principle used by Boethius and Alan, but also on definitions, petitiones, theorems, etc."