Definition of "anamnesis" []

  • Psychology A recalling to memory; recollection. (noun)
  • Medicine The complete history recalled and recounted by a patient. (noun)

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Use "anamnesis" in a sentence
  • "Plato wrote that humanity could only know the 'real' world in the form of memories; by what he termed anamnesis, meaning the recovery of buried memories, both individual and collective."
  • "The word anamnesis, then, gives us almost everything we need to know about the significance of this section to the book as a whole, to the ending, and to the Iron Council itself."
  • "Pumped full of Sodium Pentathol, Dick answered the door to meet a girl from the pharmacy who was delivering his pain medications (if only they delivered now) and, upon seeing her golden fish pendant, experienced what he called 'anamnesis'."