Definition of "analyse" []

  • Chiefly British Variant of analyze. (verb)
  • To examine in detail in order to discover meaning, essential features, etc (verb)

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  • To break down into components or essential features (verb)
  • To make a mathematical, chemical, grammatical, etc, analysis of (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "analyse" in a sentence
  • "A name, therefore, whether concrete or abstract, admits of definition, provided we are able to analyse, that is, to distinguish into parts, the attribute or set of attributes which constitute the meaning both of the concrete name and of the corresponding abstract: if a set of attributes, by enumerating them; if a single attribute, by dissecting the fact or phenomenon (whether of perception or of internal consciousness) which is the foundation of the attribute."
  • "You know all about this betrayal but prefer not to 'analyse' it."
  • "My problem is that, while I always check things in one of these above manners, I often work too fast and forget to "analyse" things."