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Definition of "ambidexter" []

  • Someone who is ambidextrous. (noun)
  • A lawyer who takes fees from both plaintiff and defendant, or that goes snacks with both parties in gaming. (noun)
  • Someone who is two-faced; a double-dealer. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "ambidexter" in a sentence
  • ""Some people," I began, "are what is called ambidexter, and can use either hand with equal ease."
  • "She again burst forth, for nature having given her considerable abilities, had lent her at the same time an energy of passion, far superior in power to the cold ambition of Irene, or the wily, ambidexter, shuffling policy of the Emperor."
  • "Bred to casuistry, and well accustomed to practise the ambidexter ingenuity of the bar, it cost him little trouble to soften the features of the tumult which he had been at first so anxious to exaggerate."