Definition of "adjunct" []

  • Something attached to another in a dependent or subordinate position. See Synonyms at appendage. (noun)
  • A person associated with another in a subordinate or auxiliary capacity. (noun)
  • Grammar A clause or phrase added to a sentence that, while not essential to the sentence's structure, amplifies its meaning, such as for several hours in We waited for several hours. (noun)
  • Logic A nonessential attribute of a thing. (noun)
  • Added or connected in a subordinate or auxiliary capacity: an adjunct clause. (adjective)
  • Something incidental or not essential that is added to something else (noun)

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  • A person who is subordinate to another (noun)
  • Part of a sentence other than the subject or the predicate (noun)
  • (in systemic grammar) part of a sentence other than the subject, predicator, object, or complement; usually a prepositional or adverbial group (noun)
  • Part of a sentence that may be omitted without making the sentence ungrammatical; a modifier (noun)
  • Added or connected in a secondary or subordinate position; auxiliary (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "adjunct" in a sentence
  • ""Science is not only cool, it's really important for the future of this country, and it's great to have people we call adjunct professors here, to help lend their real-life experiences to stimulate junior high students to the wonders of science.""
  • "Someone I know was hired at Harvard for what s/he took to be a long-term adjunct position, because the ad said "three-year contract renewable" rather than "tenure track.""
  • "Phentermine Resin is indicated in the management of exogenous obesity as a short-term adjunct a few weeks in a regimen of weight reduction."