Definition of "adelie" []

  • Medium-sized penguins occurring in large colonies on the Adelie Coast of Antarctica (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

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  • "DiaryLand contact random entry other diaries: paperfriend thatplace virtu miobravo adelie jpop saint-erin asyourghost gigihodges uberbane fuckbowser toomchstarch automatos lovaliss elledyal kindbowser blindhacker mymess passthison whitepants msea jjquick panzuda nations suffa-kate acadiana rupeshow ellamae boysordeath eyesout freightcars hold-it lissinski saintjeor chrisalmond thebid rawbeanage troymccool soup-kitchen punchstab cannet thedarklight dead-slug cornbrain secretbegger madre-teresa luityler narsasistfix lilalee dekafuck bethandbeth sevenflowers reno-dakota"
  • "DiaryLand contact random entry other diaries: paperfriend jpop adelie grlinmachine virtu throwingjuly gigihodges mymess uberbane panzuda stopgo thegorbott rebecca whitepants kindbegger saint-erin asyourghost thatplace suffa-kate lovaliss ellamae elledyal automatos nations passthison helian boysordeath msea rupeshow thebid troymccool chrisalmond cannet sevenflowers bethandbeth"
  • "The gentoo is the most strongly marked of all the smaller varieties of penguins as far as colouring is concerned, and it far surpasses the adelie in weight of legs and breast, the points that particularly appealed to us."
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