Definition of "ade" [ade]

  • A suffix of nouns of French or other Romance origin, as accolade, ambuscade, brigade, cannonade, lemonade, etc., or of (a few) English nouns formed on the same model, as blockade, orangeade. (unknown)
  • A suffix of nouns of Spanish or Italian origin (originally masculine form of preceding), as brocade, renegade, etc. It also appears in the Spanish form -ado, as in renegado, desperado. (unknown)
  • A suffix of Greek origin, now usually -ad, as in decade (sometimes decad), nomade (usually nomad, like monad, triad, etc.). (unknown)
  • A drink of the lemonade or orangeade class. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ade" in a sentence
  • "Her façade is starting to flicker and fade into an electric blue haze, allowing me to see her true metallic shape underneath."
  • "For that reason its exterior façade is made of limestone on the ground floor and an innovative terra-cotta cladding on the upper floors."
  • "The front façade is dominated by a 30-foot tall vertical “airfoil” fin, which is actually a structural column, and is also made of stainless steel."