Definition of "yager" [ya•ger]

  • (noun) A heavy, muzzle-loading hunting rifle
  • (noun) A J├Ąger, an elite soldier of the Austrian army

Use "yager" in a sentence

  • "Hans carried a light fowling-piece, while Hendrik's gun was a stout rifle of the kind known as a "yager" -- an excellent gun for large game."
  • "And before us fled Indian and Tory, yager and renegade, Greens, Rangers, Highlanders, officers galloping madly, baggage-wagons smashed, horses down, camp trampled to tatters and splinters as the vengeance of Tryon County passed in a tornado of fury that cleansed the land forever of Walter Butler and his demons of the"
  • "The young man had an idea that as soon as he became a little taller and could take down the heavy gun, an old "United States yager" with a big bore, bloodshed would follow in great quantities."

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