Definition of "xylan" [xy•lan]

  • (noun) A yellow, water-soluble, gummy polysaccharide found in plant cell walls and yielding xylose upon hydrolysis.

Use "xylan" in a sentence

  • "Xylitol: A sugar alcohol, derived from xylan a complex sugar chain, sort of like cellulose, which is found in corncobs, straw, almond shells, and birch bark which is then broken down into individual units of a simple sugar, called xylose, which is then hydrogenated to make xylitol."
  • "The ability of snails to hydrolyze plant polysaccharides xylan, mannan, starch and cellulose as well as chitin, an animal and fungal polysaccharide, is probably an indication of their omnivorous diet."
  • "His method for the determination of chain length in methylated polysaccharides, an important structural problem, helped to settle the basic features of the starch, cellulose, glycogen, inulin and xylan molecules."