Definition of "xebec" [xe•bec]

  • (noun) A small three-masted Mediterranean vessel with both square and lateen sails.

Use "xebec" in a sentence

  • "He was the master of a small three-masted vessel called a xebec, armed for privateering, the _San Antonio_, manned by Ivizans, engaged in constant strife with the galliots of the Algerian Moors and with the ships of England, the enemy of Spain."
  • "Yet all such speed was invisible, as the wind vanishes when a swift xebec scuds before a tempest on the Ocean of Urth. We drifted so lazily that if I had not had faith in Apheta and the Hierarchs, I would have feared we would never reach the ship at all and be lost forever in that endless night."
  • "She was a xebec and looked handy enough -- I have always been lucky in my ships."

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