Definition of "wadna" [wadna]

  • (noun) A Scotch form (properly two words) of would no—that is, would not.

Use "wadna" in a sentence

  • "No. You ken fine your man or yoursel 'wadna' hae the name o 'stealin'."
  • "Ye suld munt up a muckle square of canvass, like Dick Tinto, and paint folks ainsells, that they like muckle better to see than ony craig in the haill water; and I wadna muckle objeck even to some of the Wallers coming up and sitting to ye."
  • "My ladyship did choose rather to look at the fine tree before me than to pass it by in hopes of a finer; so we walked beside the carriage till we should come to a point, from which, Donald assured us, we might, without scrambling, go as near the tree as we chose, “though he wadna advise us to go nearer than the highroad.”"

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