Definition of "vacant" [va•cant]

  • (adjective) Containing nothing; empty.
  • (adjective) Without an incumbent or occupant; unfilled: a vacant position.
  • (adjective) Not occupied or put to use: a vacant lot.
  • (adjective) Law Not claimed by an heir: a vacant estate.
  • (adjective) Lacking intelligence or knowledge: a vacant mind.
  • (adjective) without any contents; empty
  • (adjective) devoid (of something specified)
  • (adjective) having no incumbent; unoccupied
  • (adjective) having no tenant or occupant
  • (adjective) characterized by or resulting from lack of thought or intelligent awareness
  • (adjective) (of time, etc) not allocated to any activity
  • (adjective) spent in idleness or inactivity
  • (adjective) (of an estate, etc) having no heir or claimant

Use "vacant" in a sentence

  • ""With the title vacant, a good win puts me right in line for a shot at the belt," said De Laronde."
  • "It is my decision that to be fair to the last two reigning champions of record, Hogan and Andre, and to furthermore be fair with the number-one contenders who would have faced either Andre or Hogan as champion, I now declare the title vacant."
  • "Glancing up from my notes at the old man—his expression vacant, his head trembling slightly—it was impossible to imagine him involved in such an action."

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