Definition of "ulcerous" [ul•cer•ous]

  • (adjective) Of the nature of ulcers or an ulcer.
  • (adjective) Having ulcers or an ulcer.

Use "ulcerous" in a sentence

  • "Chronic inflammatory diseases also exist, such as ulcerous colitis or multiple sclerosis, where, due to a constant state of inflammation, the cells are destabilised, provoking neoplasic processes, i.e. they generate new tissue of a tumorous nature."
  • "By now he was a mass of ulcerous sores from constant irritation; no doubt he would stink in the open air."
  • "With Commerson's ulcerous leg leaving him "not in a fit state to wander any distance, to scramble down gullies, or to climb outcrops," who else but Baret could have found the vine, spurred by the hope that it would cure her lover's limb?"

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