Definition of "oasis" [o•as•is]

  • (noun) A fertile or green spot in a desert or wasteland, made so by the presence of water.
  • (noun) A situation or place preserved from surrounding unpleasantness; a refuge: an oasis of serenity amid chaos.

Use "oasis" in a sentence

  • "“This is what you call an oasis,” said Tam Lin, throwing down his pack and taking out food for the picnic."
  • "Inside his brick townhouse, where he composes, Glass says he has created what he calls an "oasis of tranquility.""
  • "For Frankie Rosa, 22, who grew up in East Boston, the possibility of staying at what he describes as my oasis'' at Bridge Over Troubled Waters would be a big improvement over the city shelters where he bunks at night."

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