Definition of "oak" [oak]

  • (noun) Any of numerous monoecious deciduous or evergreen trees or shrubs of the genus Quercus, bearing acorns as fruit.
  • (noun) The durable wood of any of these trees or shrubs.
  • (noun) Something made of this wood.
  • (noun) Any of various similar trees or shrubs, such as the poison oak.
  • (noun) Any of various brown shades resembling the wood of an oak in color.
  • (noun) any deciduous or evergreen tree or shrub of the fagaceous genus Quercus, having acorns as fruits and lobed leaves
  • (noun) the wood of any of these trees, used esp as building timber and for making furniture
  • (noun) (as modifier)
  • (noun) any of various trees that resemble the oak, such as the poison oak, silky oak, and Jerusalem oak
  • (noun) anything made of oak, esp a heavy outer door to a set of rooms in an Oxford or Cambridge college
  • (noun) the leaves of an oak tree, worn as a garland
  • (noun) the dark brownish colour of oak wood
  • (noun) any of various species of casuarina, such as desert oak, swamp oak, or she-oak

Use "oak" in a sentence

  • ""An _oaken_ cask," signifies an _oak_ cask, or a cask _of oak_; i.e. a cask _made_ of oak; but a _beer_ cask, and a cask _of beer_, are two different things."
  • ""Then the _oak_ is such a blessing," he exclaimed with peculiar fervour, clasping his hands, and repeating often -- "the oak is such a blessing!" slowly and in a solemn tone."
  • "The term _oak_ is used in several places in Scripture, but nowhere does it appear to refer to the oak as we know it -- _our indigenous oak_."

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