Definition of "nabob" [na•bob]

  • (noun) A governor in India under the Mogul Empire. Also called nawab.
  • (noun) A person of wealth and prominence.
  • (noun) a rich, powerful, or important man
  • (noun) (formerly) a European who made a fortune in the Orient, esp in India

Use "nabob" in a sentence

  • "I introduced him to her, and left her to improve the impression: 'tis well I was married in time; a nabob is a dangerous rival."
  • "The family name, indeed, may stem from the same Arabic root as the word nabob, having been brought into Russia by the fourteenth-century Tatar prince Nabok Murza."
  • "One morning, passing through Vessory Bazar, I was greatly shocked at seeing the nabob's elephant take up a little child in his trunk and dash its brains out against the ground; the only reason that could be observed was, that the child had thrown some pebble stones at it; and the only redress the poor disconsolate mother could obtain was a gift of fifty pagodas from the nabob, which is about equal to twenty pounds sterling."

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