Definition of "labellum" [‖La•bel•lum]

  • (noun) The often enlarged petal of an orchid flower.
  • (noun) A liplike part, such as the tip of the proboscis of various insects, used for lapping up liquids.

Use "labellum" in a sentence

  • "Today's words Word don't know: Today I learned that the plural of labellum is labellums."
  • "This experiment let them show that the protein was made in the fly's major taste organ (called the labellum) and trace its manufacture to a subset of sensory cells that respond to noxious chemicals."
  • "Does it not imply that all that part of the labellum which is supplied by vessels coming from a lateral bundle must be part of a primordially distinct organ, however closely the two may have become united?"

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