Definition of "jack-towel" [jack-towel]

  • A coarse towel for general use, hanging from a roller. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "jack-towel" in a sentence
  • "Bintrey, as they returned to the counting-house, and Mr. Wilding dried himself on a jack-towel behind an inner door."
  • "In the kitchen, where now they stood, not a spark of fire was lingering, but some wood-ash still retained a feeble memory of warmth; and three little children (blest with small advance from babyhood) were huddling around, with hands, and faces, and sharp grimy knees poking in for lukewarm corners; while two rather senior young Carroways were lying fast asleep, with a jack-towel over them."
  • "“Madam,” he began, and then he rubbed his mouth with the cross-cut out of the jack-towel by the sink, newly set on table, to satisfy him for a dinner napkin — “madam, will you listen, while I make an explanation?”"