Definition of "gala" [ga•la]

  • (noun) A festive occasion, especially a lavish social event or entertainment.
  • (noun) Chiefly British An athletic competition, especially a swimming contest.
  • (adjective) Marked by lavish or festive celebration: a gala ball after the inaugural ceremony.
  • (adjective) Characterized by sumptuous social pleasure: the gala life of the very rich.

Use "gala" in a sentence

  • "Fey, who has won several Emmys for her writing and acting, has given the Twain gala's producers and writers plenty of skits and one-liners to work with."
  • "In addition to honoring student work, the College Television Awards gala is an opportunity for this talented group of students, and soon-to-be industry professionals, to meet and network with high-level Hollywood decision-makers."
  • "Its next U.S. gala is scheduled for June on the Mall."

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