Definition of "fabling" [fabling]

  • (verb) Present participle of fable.
  • (noun) a short moral story, esp one with animals as characters
  • (noun) a false, fictitious, or improbable account; fiction or lie
  • (noun) a story or legend about supernatural or mythical characters or events
  • (noun) legends or myths collectively
  • (noun) the plot of a play or of an epic or dramatic poem
  • (verb) to relate or tell (fables)
  • (verb) to speak untruthfully; tell lies
  • (verb) to talk about or describe in the manner of a fable

Use "fabling" in a sentence

  • "Faces and feces were her fecundity, the source of unfettered fabling."
  • "While I am generally leery of fabling of this sort, I did very much like Mordecai Gerstein's THE OLD COUNTRY as did my nine-year-old students."
  • "But of that cathedral nothing is now left but a heap of fragments, and a stone, on which, fabling tradition says, Henry II. was reconciled to the"

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