Definition of "e-books" [e-books]

  • (noun) Plural form of e-book.
  • (noun) a book in electronic form
  • (verb) to book (hospital appointments, airline tickets, etc) through the internet

Use "e-books" in a sentence

  • "The magazine said the top earning authors were successfully tapping into e-books, which is the fastest growing section of book publishing, while hardcover sales are in long-term decline."
  • "Under that model, publishers including Pearson PLC's Penguin Group and Lagad è re SCA's Hachette unit in the U.K. set their own retail prices, instead of allowing online vendors to set their own sales prices for e-books The online retailers make a set percentage of each sale, under that practice."
  • "In August, then Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said such pricing agreements "resulted in uniform prices for most of the popular e-books — potentially depriving consumers of competitive prices.""