Definition of "dabs" [dabs]

  • (noun) Plural form of dab.
  • (verb) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of dab.
  • (verb) to touch lightly and quickly
  • (verb) to daub with short tapping strokes
  • (verb) to apply (paint, cream, etc) with short tapping strokes
  • (noun) a small amount, esp of something soft or moist
  • (noun) a small light stroke or tap, as with the hand

Use "dabs" in a sentence

  • "* chodin dabs the corner of his eye …. with his own dick*"
  • "Simon King, of restaurant 1861 near Abergavenny, is advocating that we eat fish such as dabs and flounder that have a fantastic flavour but are much cheaper than better known species such as sole."
  • "Unlike most sculptors' drawings, but like many of Smith's vigorous works on paper, it exists only in terms of floating dabs of home-brewed ink on a flat surface, its rhythms echoing Japanese calligraphy, its lacy all-overness indebted to Jackson Pollock's poured paintings."

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