Definition of "courts" [courts]

  • (noun) Plural form of court.
  • (verb) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of court.
  • (noun) an area of ground wholly or partly surrounded by walls or buildings
  • (noun) a block of flats
  • (noun) a mansion or country house
  • (noun) a short street, sometimes closed at one end
  • (noun) a space inside a building, sometimes surrounded with galleries
  • (noun) the residence, retinues, or household of a sovereign or nobleman
  • (noun) (as modifier)
  • (noun) a sovereign or prince and his retinue, advisers, etc
  • (noun) any formal assembly, reception, etc, held by a sovereign or nobleman with his courtiers
  • (noun) homage, flattering attention, or amorous approaches (esp in the phrase pay court to someone)
  • (noun) an authority having power to adjudicate in civil, criminal, military, or ecclesiastical matters
  • (noun) the regular sitting of such a judicial authority
  • (noun) the room or building in which such a tribunal sits
  • (noun) a marked outdoor or enclosed area used for any of various ball games, such as tennis, squash, etc
  • (noun) a marked section of such an area
  • (noun) the board of directors or council of a corporation, company, etc
  • (noun) the supreme council of some universities
  • (noun) a branch of any of several friendly societies
  • (verb) to attempt to gain the love of (someone); woo
  • (verb) to pay attention to (someone) in order to gain favour
  • (verb) to try to obtain (fame, honour, etc)
  • (verb) to invite, usually foolishly, as by taking risks
  • (verb) to be conducting a serious emotional relationship usually leading to marriage

Use "courts" in a sentence

  • "These are courts of the lowest grade, and are called _justices 'courts_, being held by justices of the peace who are, in most of the states, elected by the people of the several towns."
  • "The quality of legal argument and analysis in American courts, in particular state supreme courts, is often quite poor on issues of private law that the readers of this blog are likely to think arcane or technical."
  • "An earlier draft PDF of the legislation would have allowed the Justice Department to order any "interactive computer service" -- a phrase courts have interpreted to mean any Web site -- to block access to the suspected pirate site."

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