Definition of "babe" [babe]

  • (noun) A baby; an infant.
  • (noun) An innocent or naive person.
  • (noun) Slang A young woman.
  • (noun) Informal Sweetheart; dear. Used as a term of endearment.
  • (noun) a baby
  • (noun) a naive, gullible, or unsuspecting person (often in the phrase a babe in arms)
  • (noun) a young woman or man perceived as being sexually attractive

Use "babe" in a sentence

  • "I. ii.118 (294,1) like a babe] That is a _weeping babe_."
  • "Among those risking romantic rejection and public humiliation is a ski instructor keen to propose in salopettes, a sailor who uses the word "babe" as punctuation, and a civil servant who stores his engagement ring in a laundry tablet dispersal bag."
  • "He watched the word babe hit her across the face like a hard slap, along with more he didn’t mean, but somehow couldn’t stop from saying."

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