Definition of "baa" [baa]

  • (verb-intransitive) To make a bleating sound, as a sheep or goat.
  • (noun) The bleat of a sheep or goat.
  • (verb) to make the cry of a sheep; bleat
  • (noun) the cry made by sheep

Use "baa" in a sentence

  • "Mr. _Osmore_ stated his complaint, and the president of our committee replied, and stated ours; and among other things, observed that the word "_baa_," had no more meaning than a thousand other senseless cries, uttering constantly from the throats of idle, thoughtless boys; and begged Mr. Osmore to explain how such an unmeaning sound could be construed into an insult to him; that if he and his officers should cry _baa! baa! baa!"
  • "That, however, is another sect known as baa-baa yoga."
  • "But then a gang of young, over-enthusiastic woollies with protectionist leanings aka baa-aad lambs get wind of the secret negotiations."

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