Headdresses and Body Glitter and Crop Tops, Oh My! The Best Trends From Coachella


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Coachella fashion

Source: Getty Images

In October 1999, the very first Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was held in Indio, California. Co-founders Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen were influenced by Pearl Jam’s defiance when they infamously boycotted Ticketmaster at their 1993 Empire Polo Club show. Although the show’s run would vary between one or two days for its first eight years, the festival would eventually be extended to its current three-day weekend format.

During the three-day affair, some of the most beloved bands and artists — from the Beastie Boys to Beyoncé — perform at the event. Aside from the music, the festival is renowned for its unique fashion and style trends. Each year, photographs emerge of celebrities and no-names alike sporting some pretty wild and iconic looks. Trends often are established at Coachella and no doubt have an influence on the fashion world thereafter. We’ve looked at plenty of Coachella fashion photos taken over the past few years and compiled a gallery of some of the greatest outfits worn by attendees. Let us know your favorites! Don’t forget to SHARE these styles with your friends!