Fun Facts About the Original 1960s ‘Batman’ Series


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1960s Batman

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“Holy 1960s Batman Trivia!” Batman was a popular fixture on television during the mid to late 1960s. Adam West played the caped crusader and Burt Ward was his sidekick Robin, the boy wonder. The series mixed campy humor with a sitcom vibe and was a good example of the pop-art aesthetic of the 1960s. The sets were filled with bright colors and the villains were even more colorful, and most of the time they were played by huge stars of the day.

The series ran for three memorable seasons before a dip in ratings led to its cancellation by ABC in 1969. It is still remembered today as one of the most distinctive and unique television shows of its time and introduced a host of crazy characters into our homes. Look through our gallery for some nuggets of 1960s Batman trivia that you may never have known. Remember, if you enjoy this post then be sure to SHARE with your friends.