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Definition of "world-shattering" [world-shattering]

  • Sufficiently significant to affect the whole world (adjective)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "world-shattering" in a sentence
  • "While technically an alien invasion shocker, the film feels more like the original Night of the Living Dead, with the entire world-shattering incident being seen entirely through the eyes of Gibson's family as they hide in their farmhouse (it spawned a whole sub-genre of 'through their eyes/ears only' horror films, such as Cloverfield, Pontypool, and Legion)."
  • "No, this headline-making outrage was all caused by the world-shattering news of -- can you guess?"
  • "Think of the five minutes of “character development” shoehorned in between action scenes, or the huge, world-shattering events that somehow leave all the characters back in the same unchanged love triangle as before."
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