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Definition of "work out" [work out]

  • To calculate. (verb)
  • To make sense of. (verb)
  • To smooth. (verb)
  • To conclude with the correct solution. (verb)
  • To succeed. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "work out" in a sentence
  • "Laura, especially, couldn't work out why they stopped selling the gimp masks and the "harsher" restraints – "they're forgetting the fact that they have a licence," she said, indignant, as if she'd walked into an offie that only sold Schloer and Curly Wurlies."
  • "I hope other moms can find self -love after they have a child and learn to work out and diet and do things right."
  • "Still, I knew in my heart that we had grown apart during our long separation and something inside me suggested that things would work out all right; after a while, the pain eased and I began to admit Nelle and B. J. Frazer were right."