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Definition of "windage" []

  • The effect of wind on the course of a projectile. (noun)
  • The point or degree at which the wind gauge or sight of a rifle or gun must be set to compensate for the effect of the wind. (noun)
  • The difference in a given firearm between the diameter of the projectile fired and the diameter of the bore of the firearm. (noun)
  • The disturbance of air caused by the passage of a fast-moving object, such as a railway train. (noun)
  • Nautical The part of the surface of a ship exposed to the wind. (noun)

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Use "windage" in a sentence
  • "Consequently adequate allowance has to be made for windage, which is a very difficult factor to calculate from aloft."
  • "Some of these chemicals get released to the environment through a process called windage where some water droplets - with their dissolved chemicals - get blown out of the towers."
  • "When inserted into the gravatána, the swell of the cotton filled the tube exactly, -- not so tightly as to impede the passage of the arrow, nor so loosely as to allow of "windage" when blown upon through the mouthpiece."