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Definition of "web-work" [web-work]

  • The structural part or web of a textile fabric. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "web-work" in a sentence
  • "Guys ... if this guy was doing all this web-work out of the goodness of his heart, and truly unconditionally supported Barak, why didnt he just offer up the page for free?..."
  • "Eventually buses, trains, taxis and regular rental car will be enfolded into this concept creating for the subscriber a seamless, virtual, yet very real web-work of transportation capable of meeting all of the needs currently met by private vehicle ownership, but at reduced costs."
  • "Presently the hide-and-seek frolicking began, and Tom and Becky engaged in it with zeal until the exertion began to grow a trifle wearisome; then they wandered down a sinuous avenue holding their candles aloft and reading the tangled web-work of names, dates, post-office addresses, and mottoes with which the rocky walls had been frescoed"
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