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Definition of "water-wheel" []

  • In hydraulics: (noun)
  • A wheel moved by water, and employed to turn machinery. (noun)
  • A wheel for raising water in large quantities, as the Persian wheel. See wheel. (noun)
  • The paddle-wheel of a steamer. (noun)
  • A water-wheel the gudgeons and bearings of which may be raised or lowered to adapt the wheel to various heights of water-supply. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "water-wheel" in a sentence
  • "The water gushed happily down the sluice under the idle water-wheel into the millpond."
  • ""Be a sight more lovely if the water-wheel were turnin '," he said practically."
  • "Of course, up until fairly recently about 2:47 PM yesterday it was thought that the earliest recorded Contrivance in this country was the famous water-wheel driven vole featured in the bottom left corner of the Bayeux Tapestry, just to the right of the entrails from the partially disembowelled Saxon lying nearby."