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Definition of "water-wagtail" [water-wagtail]

  • A wagtail most properly so called; any species of Motacilla in a strict sense, as distinguished from Budytes. In England the name commonly specifies the pied wagtail, Motacilla lugubris. See cut under wagtail. (noun)
  • Same as water-thrush, 1. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "water-wagtail" in a sentence
  • "His thin, commanding nose dominated a mask of brown skin and bone, his narrow brown eyes glowed slightly, his dark hair was smooth and brushed back; he was five feet seven inches in height, and long seasons, during which he had been afraid to eat, had laid a look of austerity over such natural liveliness, as may be observed in-say — a water-wagtail."
  • "The birds were swift-winged hawks and owls, pigeons and ring-doves; crows again became common, and the water-wagtail was tame as the Brazilian thrush, João de Barros: it hopped about within a few feet of us, quite ignoring the presence of Frenchmen armed with murderous guns."
  • "The yellowish _Bunting-like_ water-wagtail, is very common just now: it occurs in wheat fields; flight, chirp, and mode of getting up when disturbed just as in the Buntings."