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Definition of "warm-heartedness" [warm-heartedness]

  • The state or character of being warm-hearted; affectionate disposition; cordiality. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "warm-heartedness" in a sentence
  • "He goes on to talk about what he means by "inner values," saying he believes that the way we survive best is in an environment of concern, affection, warm-heartedness and -- in his favorite word -- compassion."
  • "Eva Arnold/Magnum Arnold belonged to the next generation of journalists, the ones who learned from Cartier-Bresson's cool, brilliant compositions and Capa's reckless drive and warm-heartedness, and who shared their commitment to humanism, a view that seems naive today but was principled and optimistic in the years following World War II."
  • "We need change that educates and promotes the urgent need to care for the planet and its ecological systems, that calls upon all nation states to work towards the universal abolition of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction and that encourages peace, compassion, respect and warm-heartedness."