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Definition of "vis" []

  • Force; power. (noun)
  • Abbreviation of viscount. (noun)
  • Alternative spelling of viss. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "vis" in a sentence
  • "Some physicians imagined that diseases were caused by a change in the qualities of the fluids, which became sometimes acid, and sometimes alkaline; or on a change of figure of the particles of the blood: some imagined diseases to be owing to a rational principle, which they called the vis medicatrix naturae, which governed the actions of the body, and excited fever or commotion in the system to remove any hurtful cause, or expel any morbid matter, which might have insinuated itself into the body."
  • "I feel your pain vis a vis engorgement – only I never have problems getting milk OUT."
  • "Peterson was a far healthier human being, of course, but I think that the whole narrative of extreme virtuosity as a Faustian bargain vis-à-vis the soul is a pretty indelible trope in all kinds of music."