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Definition of "viii" []

  • The cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one (noun)
  • Being one more than seven (adjective)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "viii" in a sentence
  • "Moreover, the stretches of sea with the paired dolphins (viii: viii¹), which are introduced between these groups and those which had preceded, are not to be regarded as separating the composition into two parts, but as connecting the central scene with similar scenes in a different locality."
  • "I do not mean to say, however, that these scenes beyond the dolphins (viii: viii¹), are to be looked upon as a mere repetition of those which have preceded, distinguished only by greater license in the symmetry, or that the changes of locality have no other purpose than to lend variety to the action."
  • "The metamorphosis of lion into lamb in canto viii is also fractal: we are unsure whether he is now exactly like a lamb."