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Definition of "verrucous" [ver•ru•cous]

  • Wart-like, resembling a verruca; verrucose (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "verrucous" in a sentence
  • "Treatment of 46 cases of verrucous gastritis with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine."
  • "Linear nævus is a formation usually of a verrucous character, more or less pigmented, sometimes slightly scaly, occurring in band-like or zoster-like areas, and, as a rule, unilaterally."
  • "Blastomycetic dermatitis is a rare disease beginning usually as a small papule or nodule, enlarging slowly, breaking down and developing into a verrucous or papillomatous-looking area, similar in appearance to tuberculosis cutis verrucosa."
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