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Definition of "unpreserved" [unpreserved]

  • Not preserved (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "unpreserved" in a sentence
  • "Having said all that, I agree that the link between meat consumption and intestinal cancer is not proven and that correlation is confounded by the fact that most of the studies did not distinguish between meat preserved with Sodium Nitrite which is known to be a potential carcinogen and unpreserved meats or that in recent years the amount of Sodium Nitrite used as a preservative has been reduced."
  • ""Also while under oath, Behe admitted that his simulation modelling of evolution with Snoke had in fact shown that complex biochemical systems requiring multiple interacting parts for the system to function and requiring multiple, consecutive and unpreserved mutations to be fixed in a population could evolve within 20,000 years, even if the parameters of the simulation were rigged to make that outcome as unlikely as possible.""
  • "Research grants to study the motility of unpreserved bull sperm, of course."