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Definition of "unpainful" []

  • Not painful; giving no pain.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "unpainful" in a sentence
  • "Participants in the study were first tested to see how much pain they could withstand, and before you get the image of some guy being tortured on a medieval rack in your head, you should know that the "pain" was unpainful things like seeing how long you could take having a bag of ice on your skin."
  • "Bek: I think that in the last 10-20 years, dentists in the US have become very careful and really treat patients with kid gloves in order to attract them essentially, marketing themselves as a good, unpainful dentist to choose."
  • "And indeed, hard and soft are names that we give to things only in relation to the constitutions of our own bodies; that being generally called hard by us, which will put us to pain sooner than change figure by the pressure of any part of our bodies; and that, on the contrary, soft, which changes the situation of its parts upon an easy and unpainful touch."
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