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Definition of "unenlightenment" [unenlightenment]

  • A lack of understanding (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "unenlightenment" in a sentence
  • "So if the individual is not developing in a measurable and discernable way, that means that he or she is stagnating in the emotional and psychological prison of unenlightenment that is the individual and collective ego."
  • "I should clarify that I intend no personal aspersions against anyone and when I refer to grade school educated geezers with too much ego I am not referring to any person encountered on this blog, but to individuals of singular unenlightenment I have encountered in other spheres."
  • "When the veil of ignorance or unenlightenment is lifted and its true nature is revealed, two apparently contradictory events occur simultaneously."