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Definition of "ubermensch" [ubermensch]

  • Alternative spelling of übermensch. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "ubermensch" in a sentence
  • "Here, it seems two ubermensch from a Luftwaffe squadron have washed up on an American beach."
  • "All in all, you get a problem similar to the one Walter Kaufmann dealt with in translating Nietzsche, leaving "ubermensch" untranslated, rather than using "superman" because of the pop culture that had accumulated around the latter term."
  • "For these idiotic misanthropic right-wing Judeofascist patsies, perhaps in a conceited benevolent sort of a way which is not at all strange for any 'ubermensch' raised on the mother's milk of the 'chosen peoples' mantra, this pamphleteering in Jerusalem is being rather merciful in permitting a temporary reprieve to their Amelekites."
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